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Attempt #1 Tuna mayo

As I have probably mentioned before, I really enjoy cooking. And I love how veganism has pushed me to try new things and experiment. I enjoy the taste of non-vegan food items, I would never hide that, and that helps … Continue reading

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Being Green

  Being ‘green’ is not exactly a snap descision to make, it’s not black and white. As with manythings, there is a scale of how eco friendly you are. Maybe you follow reuse and recycle, but you have yet to … Continue reading

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Dinner time!

This is a recipie post. Kind of. To be perfectly honest, this ins’t a recipe as much as a documentation of me chucking all the stuff that needs using up in the fridge, in a pan and calling it something. I call … Continue reading

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Today, I made some chocolate mousse. This is quite possibly on of the easiest puddings to make ever. It only needs three ingredients, and one method: blend! But today, I managed to make this recipe look hard. Queue mist and … Continue reading

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Shades of Veganism

None is perfect. There could not be a truer saying. That kept in mind. Can you ever be truly Vegan in today’s society? I feel proud to call myself Vegan, I don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs or honey. I don’t wear leather, … Continue reading

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