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The girl’s like spaghetti, the boys like spaghetti. Thus the boys eat the girl.

I haven’t read English at University, I haven’t even completed my A-level in English literature yet. But even with only compulsory education English, I know how to read and write. Children from an early age are taught to look at … Continue reading

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The perils of having a baby face (answer: not being that old as it is)

So many older women gripe about being wrinkly, and not looking young enough. But really, surely looking your own age is the best thing. I don’t think I have ever looked my own age, when I was very little I … Continue reading

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Being Green

  Being ‘green’ is not exactly a snap descision to make, it’s not black and white. As with manythings, there is a scale of how eco friendly you are. Maybe you follow reuse and recycle, but you have yet to … Continue reading

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Mr T?

If you find something hard, or are afraid, or really don’t want to do something. The best thing to do is always do it anyway. Bite the bullet, face the fear. Even with something as small as blogging. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Shades of Veganism

None is perfect. There could not be a truer saying. That kept in mind. Can you ever be truly Vegan in today’s society? I feel proud to call myself Vegan, I don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs or honey. I don’t wear leather, … Continue reading

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A three-way with Stephen Fry and Harry Potter.

Due to unexpected Ipod death, there will be no post today as I am busy mourning the tempory loss of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter, which resides in a hard drive at home. It is in my opinion that the marriage of … Continue reading

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What I do with my time, or reasoning behind the bomb room

I sew. Alot. I can’t actually remember the last time I spent a day doing no sewing at all, even a day where I was just thinking up a design but not putting it into motion. I think sewing is … Continue reading

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