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The last day

So here it is: the last night before I go home. I won’t deny it, I cannot wait to get home! I do love being up here with my family by the sea, but I am certainly a home girl. … Continue reading

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Today, I made some chocolate mousse. This is quite possibly on of the easiest puddings to make ever. It only needs three ingredients, and one method: blend! But today, I managed to make this recipe look hard. Queue mist and … Continue reading

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Planes, trains and automobiles. And why some elderly people should not be behind the wheels of them

Ok, maybe not planes. And a little more boats and bikes. But come on, that title rolled off the tongue so much better! Today was the transport museum! And it actually turns out, trainspotters aren’t actually so wrong after all. Transport is … Continue reading

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A three-way with Stephen Fry and Harry Potter.

Due to unexpected Ipod death, there will be no post today as I am busy mourning the tempory loss of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter, which resides in a hard drive at home. It is in my opinion that the marriage of … Continue reading

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Strictly come puddings

I’m not one for being away from home; but if I am to go anywhere, I would prefer it to be Scotland. Rainy and cold it may be, but it is beautiful, it is where I attended University, where fuels … Continue reading

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