A bleary eyed night-time post

A month (ish) ago, I decided to join a gym. I have always quite liked doing exercise things/gym things/strength things, but because I *really* dislike lots of people, it often puts me off going to gyms and classes.

So I decided to join a members only gym. It is great! I went one Sunday and it was just me and another random man working out in the cardio bit of the gym. It ROCKED! I had a great workout session, longer and harder than I usually do, and to top it off, Wallace and Gromit was on, score!

The gym I go to is in the middle of Newbury town centre, and as it also has a members only car park- it means I always have a place to park on busy days. (This was great last Sunday when we had a parade for St Georges day- it was tipping it down and this meant I didn’t have to walk so far to meet up with everyone.)  It is actually a beautiful place to work out in, being a 20’s art deco cinema building. I always have a much better time when I am in a beautiful environment, and this one also contains memories from when I was a very young kid going to see films.

*Insert cool old photo of parkway cinema*

Notice the tree in the bricked in window up top? Yeah, 5 years on that's still there


As hard as I tried I can’t find an online photo of the building as it was, though to be honest, the exterior hasn’t changed much at all. Here is a photo of it in ’07 when it was between owners (it is on its 3rd gym company now).

If I were a better blogger, I would scan in a photo I have from a book of the old cinema. Or at least have taken an up to date one, but not me 🙂

As well as being in the cardio theatre and sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the massive muscle men in the strength training area, I also do some of the exercise classes. It is pretty decent in that the membership package includes all classes for free. I think that just encourages you more to do them. The two classes that I do are yoga and kai bo. I am going to talk about kai bo, as I am sure you guys know what yoga is already. Kai bo is kind of like martial arts to music, and I have been told by a reliable source that it is similar to body combat. There is generally about 10 of us, all girls, and we always go at the back. This means that you can watch what everyone is doing and copy. This is also why I like that there is mirrors everywhere so you can see what to do.

The only problem with exercise classes is that I have hearing problems, so that if there is much background noise I find it hard to hear people. This is why I stopped going to Tai kwon do (which I am still trying to find a smaller -quieter- class for) because I couldn’t ever hear what I was supposed to do in such a large hall with so many people mumbling. I wouldn’t be able to do Kai bo if it wasn’t for my position in the class and the mirrors. I generally start each sequence a bit later than everyone else because of this as well. But it is fun. You don’t get laughed at or yelled at for getting it wrong, or falling over. There is always at least one other person finding it as hard as you.

Though there are about three ladies who are on the running machine before and after Kai bo. I do not even have words for this.

I have run out of concentration right now.

Here is a photo of a puppy, and here is to wishing I would get over whatever bug i have so I can get back to the gym!


I. Want. This. Puppy

I wish gyms opened at night, I love running at night.


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  1. ThatRobHall says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please check it out here: http://eatsleeppro.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/the-sunshine-award/

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