Anyone who regularly talks to me knows I have a cat called Cape. And knows how high maintenance she is. But how much I love her. Compared to other cats, she is certainly hard work, but she really makes it up with how cute, funny and loving she is. When she wants cuddles, she will follow you throughout the house (not fun when you have a bath and she cries to be let in).

I adopted Cape from Cats protection last February. I love just visiting cp, as the place is filled with mini three tier cat apartments; each of which you can go into and have a play with the cats in there. Also, there are some ‘free range’ cats- ones which live at Cats protection and so can freely roam about, these cats generally have too high needs to adopt out, or do not get on too well with people.

When I persuaded my parents to let a new cat into our home it was a few months after our old cat from CP had passed away. I knew that I wanted to source our new family member from a shelter, as there are more than enough cats needing homes without paying to have more bread. When me and my mum went along to have a look around, there were several cats who caught our eyes. One was a cat called princess, who likes climbing onto our shoulders to have a cuddle but was very dribbly- not a good thing in a house with two asthmatics. The other cat was a little Burmese cross called Precious with a funny coloured eye because she was the carrier of cat flu. When she eventually let us come near her for a stroke, she rolled all about so we could get to every angle. Precious was found as a stray in Reading, and had spent a long time looking for a home- presumably because she was so scared and had a medical problem ticked on her name sheet.

A week later ‘Precious’ was recovered from her anti-baby operation, renamed and boxed up in her carrier to take home. It took about twenty minutes and three people to wrestle her into her cage- something that is still true everytime she needs to go to the vets!


In her crisp box bed

Cape confirmed her name was the correct choice about a month into her getting home. She had got spooked when perusing her land, hid under next doors trailer and got really stressed when being rescued. The nature of cat flu, is that it arises when the cat gets overly stressed, and when the cat gets flu you need to keep them in in case the other cats in the neighborhood are not immunized and so catch it. She really was not happy about this decision and cried to be let out a lot! That week, my Uncle and Aunt were over and were staying in the room directly above the one I was sitting in. I was sitting watching television, when from the corner of my eye I saw something rather strange. A cat flying from an opened upstairs bedroom window, landing expertly on the patio and then trotting off happily in pursuit of garden insects. Clearly, she is not one to be held inside! Cape, obviously, is an excellent flyer. Though the upstairs windows are now permanently closed.

Five things about Cape:


  • Whenever I play David Bowie on my laptop and leave it on an even surface, she sits on it (and once deleted a load of my music this way!)
  • Even though she is now 4, she still plays as much as a kitten. Because of this, you can never leave a small item and expect it to remain there. When my dad bought a new Bluetooth headset and left it on his desk, in the morning it was found in the bathroom. I think she secretly thinks we are bored and makes hide and seek games for us to play.
  • Her fur gets darker in the cold. This is why her tail and ears are darker- they are colder than her body.
  • She is very territorial and doesn’t like guests, especially boys. Unfortunately she forgets that my brother (who is at uni most of the time) isn’t a stranger and actually lives here *cue hissing*.
  • Her favorite place to drink is my neighbours green algae loving pond *ick*.

She also can act very much like a puppy; following you around, carrying toys in her mouth, wanting her tummy tickled- rolling around looking cute to achieve this. Unlike puppies though, she is very very fussy with food (she will only have one type of Whiskers chicken pouches) and likes being up high. She went through a phase of climbing atop the extractor hood over the hob and leaping from there to on top of the cupboards when she wanted to hide. I am very glad she no longer does this as when she vehemently hung on to the cabinets to avoid going to the vets, she would loose bits of nails in the doors!

Though Cape is super playful, she is also very clumsy. Imagine her jumping for the back of the sofa, but going right over; chasing a toy and sliding into a door; rolling off beds etc. She isn’t really a prime example of a killer cat, though she likes chase games, she is very skitty and so frequently runs away from fast approaching butterflies in the garden. We play along with her case games, letting her win to maintain her ‘killer cat’ image however.

I will leave you with a photo of Cape in her new bed. Last night was the first night since she has been banished from bedrooms at night that she has slept through. YAY.

Night Cape.


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