I said a cooking post on every day of the week? Me? No. I think it was really one every year (:

My lovely rings in action!

Anyway, I have wanted to make my own crumpets for *years* now, but have thus far procrastinated to the extent that it has never yet been done. But as luck would have it, the lovely Sarah bought me some crumpet rings for Christmas (YES they make them again!) and I no longer can eat the shop bought ones. But not to fear, as homemade ones are *delicious*.

I really do love the little introductions to each recipe this book has

I took the recipe for the crumpets from a massive Delia Smith book which is much much older than me and so no longer has its dust cover or spine (hence me not remembering its name).

Anyway, it was all fairly straightforward to make, with minimal rising time (45 mins) and no kneading as you get crumpet batter not dough (hallelujah).

I made them around making some ‘squares’ type crispy cakes, and so I barely noticed the batter coming nearer and nearer to cooking time. And when we were at the pan, 5 minutes one side, 1 minute the other and they were done! Only problem I had was me forgetting that metal rings in a pan on a hob will get hot and so you really should peel the crumpets out of the rings using a cloth! -note for next time’

Here are my lovely crumpets, I think I will be eating them for weeks!

Just over half are now residing in my freezer- I figured to just get them out when I fancy them.




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One Response to Crumpets!

  1. ThatRobHall says:

    Please feel free to send them to me. I absolutely love crumpets, and being a student is difficult… 😉

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