Ok, so I haven’t really been posting on here as much as I would like to.

So I have decided to copy my blogging chums at and give myself a challenge (yes this does sound very lame, but I I need to give myself a kick up the backside and haven’t gotten around to asking people for challenges yet).

So my challenge this week is blog about cooking. Everyday, a new recipe. Though I must admit I have cooked three things today and may use them as backup blog material if I don’t get around to cooking something new everyday (the leftovers need eating you know!).

Maybe not disembodied head bread. . .but similarly awesome sculpted bread would be good

Anyway, I think this should be quite fun, and will give me the motivation to do some more experimental cooking. I have decided I want to throw a dinner party- I love hosting them but haven’t for a long time- but by the time that comes around I would like to perfect a wheat free, vegan loaf with no egg substitues. I’m sure I will get around to making some of that this week. . .  .

So look forward to recipes . . and perhaps a mishap or two. .

I grated the skin off my thumb today whilst peeling a lime.

Speak soon!


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