My beautiful new-ish Kitchen equipment

My latest new bit of kitchen gadgetry is an ‘all waste kitchen composter’. Really it does what it says on the tin. Using a bit of bran based compost activator and a little time, you are able to compost all of your kitchen waste, cooked, meat, dairy eggs (ick) everything!

I really hate throwing things in the bin, and our compost heap really cannot be one to attract rats (it is behind the wooden shed which already has rat holes) so this find is great!

I have put off writing this review until I have some use out of it and can fully say how I find it. And really, it is wonderful. It says on the website, that the composter holds two weeks worth of kitchen waste- I have had this for two months now and it is not yet filled up! Though my family is three/four adults. I think it would be different with young children.

Before I got this I just had a box in the kitchen to fill up with raw waste and dig into the compost heap. But I didn’t get around to emptying it everyday and so it smelt. The wonder with this is- provided the lid is on- it doesn’t smell! We have it in the kitchen and (given that the kitchen bin is no longer accepting food waste) everything is actually smelling better. Even Cape’s leftover cat food goes in.

ok. . . today's drain off looks like pee.. .

It is a little more complicated than your average compost crock pot. It has a drain at the bottom with a little tap on the front. From this tap you drain off the liquid. This liquid comes in all different colours dependent on what is in the box. Once I got a marvelous bright dark green.  I mostly pour this down the drain to stop alge build up and smells (which is ironic, as the liquid itself really does smell gross). But it can also be watered down (alot) to be used as plant feed, I give this away to any visitors who do gardening as plant feed is so expensive and this is a waste product!

Yes there are two whole peppers in there. .. my bad

You also need to squish down the stuff that you put into your composter (they give you a squisher) to get all of the air out of it so that it decomposes faster- which seems a little odd to the average composer but hey ho. You then sprinkle on the bran stuff which really reminds me of something you used to buy at petting zoos. Yum.

I will update you all when this composter is full up and has ‘hibernated’ for its alloted two weeks to see how it has turned out.

Either way, I am loving this box!

Oh, and check it out properly here. And ban ban dan daaaa. . . .it’s on sale!! eee !:D:D:D


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