Attempt #1 Tuna mayo

As I have probably mentioned before, I really enjoy cooking. And I love how veganism has pushed me to try new things and experiment. I enjoy the taste of non-vegan food items, I would never hide that, and that helps me to trial new ideas.


Lovely and everything, but I don't really fancy dead fish

Today, I wanted tuna, sweetcorn mayo.

Two thirds of this is easy peasy, canned sweetcorn and shop bought egg free mayo (lazy I know, mayo can be whipped up easily, but it has been a long day today). The ‘tuna’ however posed a bit of a problem!

I decided my best bet for the base of the ‘tuna’ was some canned braised tofu. It looks the nearest to canned tuna, and tastes best with the smallest amount of work. I squished the oil out of the tin as best as I could then shredded the tofu and popped it in a bowl. I then got out my trusty kelp tablets (really good at accentuating umami and really does give the flavour of the sea) gave them the old one two in the pestle and mortar and flung it in. Then was a sprinkling of lemon juice and a few grinds of sea salt.

I then mixed up the ‘tuna’, lashings of mayo and sweetcorn.Other than being darker in colour to my Mum’s tuna mayo (tinned braised tofu is brown in colour as opposed to pink tuna) and put it alongside a baked potato.

Well. . . .it looks about right

Now for the taste test. . .  .

It was actually a really good meal, one I will be repeating anyway.

There are still problems that need smoothing out – in my hungry haste to make my meal I didn’t fully pulverize the kelp, and so I could feel the gritty bits in some parts (if anyone wants to know, this means that the bits of kelp powder are more than 10mu g in size). This is none the less a super easy problem to solve.

The braised tofu comes in tins with oil, this gives a stark texture comparison to tuna, which if I remember correctly is quite dry (omnivores, please feel free to let me know your opinion on this matter!!). I am not sure how to resolve this matter though, as the general texture of canned braised tofu really is the best for replicating tuna (layered in flakes). I have thought of drying out in the oven, or pressing as you do with normal tofu to get the water out. Well, I shall see which one I have time for next time.


Overall, I think this is a win on the food list.

Next on the to do list:

Yorkshire puddings (decent ones that actually look right, my last attempt looked like little pies!)

Properly fudgey brownies 

And the big one: cheese that tastes right even uncooked (store bought vegan cheese tastes wondrous when melted in and used in recipes, but I don’t like the taste of it on its own)



p.s. I have just seen a face in the mayo on the photo of my meal. See if you can spot it.

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