A whole new space

My sewing machine is currently having it’s first ever yearly service (fingers crossed!) and in its absence, I have finally properly sorted out my sewing room.

All you who have not before seen the photo of my fabric pile, it was a real problem. I had tried to organise it in crates. It was all sorted in colours, but because it was sorted into crates, to find the exact fabric you were looking for, you would have to dig through and so mess up the fabrics. This inevitably lead to a room full of messed up fabrics, also meaning there was no floor space to cut and pin fabrics.

A day and a half of tidying, sorting, and moving books about and I now have a lovely *tidy* craft room ! Even when it was a tip, it is a lovely place to be, and I enjoy being in there even just to look at the different threads and ribbons.






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