The perils of having a baby face (answer: not being that old as it is)

So many older women gripe about being wrinkly, and not looking young enough. But really, surely looking your own age is the best thing.

Aged 2 crying on a swing (I lost a welly)

I don’t think I have ever looked my own age, when I was very little I looked old for my age, and then that swung over to looking young for the rest of my time so far. Apparently I used to look like quite the wimp in the playground due to looking old for my age.

I am not quite sure when this all changed, but I know at least from year 7 I have always been mistaken for someone younger than me. Whenever it was pointed out that I was not in fact  really young, I am always told that it will be a blessing to look younger when I am old. Really, when you are a child and the badge of honor is your age (I am 19 and a half) it really is frustrating to not look the part.

Now that I am older, it is more embarrassing. Being asked for ID at every pub/club door is not so bad- most places ask everyone who looks under 25 anyway. But being asked ID for a rated 15 movie, is not so cool. Not to mention that when I was actually 15 I was refused to buy a rated 12 game- like who gives a darn for 12 rated games anyway! And being 15 I wasn’t really at the age for having an ID handy unless I was on my way to an airport.

Another of my finest moments was getting a hair cut about half a year ago, and my boyfriend came with me. Mid haircut/conversation my hair dresser adds in ‘is that your dad then’ -pointing to my then boyfriend-. Humph =/ Granted he was a few years older and looks old for his age, and she had never met my dad before. But still. That was awkward to answer.

Another actual problem of a babyface is trying to get dicipline in children. If they have known you since they were young, or are still under 6 it is fine. But much older, and you are seen as more of an older sibling than an actual authority figure. This is really frustrating when working with a large group of children that you need to get quiet. But then I guess this is after joining in their game of ‘stuck in the mud’.

Well. . . you gotta make an effort for haloween parties!

So maybe after all it is not just looking young that is the problem, given that for all of my birthdays even up to my 19th I have had toys for presents. For my 16th all I got from my friends was toys, racing dinosaurs, sponge tennis set, playdough etc. I also wore a cape made out of dinosaur wrapping paper for the entire day. Going to prom in a papier mache train wasn’t one of my most mature moments either.


All in all, this whole post is a rant about something that I am exploiting on the upside, but is still annoying.

A real babyface


(And looking back to the last post, it transpires: I was not really back!)

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