I’m Back!

Ok, so I haven’t posted in like forever but honestly, I have been trying (you can see my drafts bin!). I have so many half done posts it is unreal; I am hoping to finish some of these posts and publish at a later date, anyway, I will keep you posted.

Why haven’t I posted? Well a number of reasons, I haven’t really been feeling the whole writing business recently as I have been feeling rather under the weather. And as everyone knows, when one is ill, you have to prioritize what you would like to get done. As I have still been rather busy lately.

Since last posting:

My ever-so-slightly-childish certificate =D

  • I have *finally* become an ‘official’ Beaver Scout leader, which is a really lovely thing (though it means practicing getting my necker on right). It was a really lovely cerermoney, one hand on the flag which two beavers were holding and the other doing the Scout salute whilst reciting the ‘Scout promise’. After this I got my necker, world badge and colony badges (3rd Newbury oh yeah!).
  • I witnessed (on the same day as being initiated) two Beaver Scouts ‘swimming up’ into the Cub colony. This involved the other Beavers holding up our ‘river’ (a roll of fish pattern fabric) up at chest height, and the Cub Scout leader pulling the boys who were ‘swimming up’ along and through our river with them holding the other end of a bit of rope. It was quite possibly the coolest moving up ceremony ever!

    Remembrance service in Newbury

  • (The third and final Beaver related part) The Remembrance day parade. This was beautiful, sad and moving. Given that our pack had the largest turnout of all, we had a lot of 6-8year olds to keep in check. We needed to ‘march’ two by two in a line after all of the Soldiers and other Newbury groups taking part. I must say it was rather funny when the children walked into the person ahead of them when they stopped as they were looking out for their mums. We marched though town and into the Market place, where the service took place, the national anthem and honoring our fallen troops.
  • I have in the processes of starting to volunteer at my local furniture warehouse project doing upholstery. I really want to get more experience in upholstery and doing so requires money and a lot of space which are both hard to come by at home. Volunteering here will mean that I get trained up in upholstery, learning in my own time. I’m really hoping it goes well, as this is a possible career choice =]
  • In a fairly boring update: I have moved bank accounts. I have only just realized, after 10 years with the same savings bank account, I am only getting 0.1% on all my savings fml. So I have changed (and within the same bank!) have found a savings account with 3.65% winner!

    Winter Socks!

  • The lovely street stalls have come to Newbury, and a lovely woman (who was here last Christmas) is around. She sells fair trade, ethically sourced, handmade woolen clothing from Nepal. I have already got two jumpers and a pair of socks and may well get more. It is all really cheap as well (I, as a buyer, was trying to persuade hr to charge more!). Anyway, if anyone is in Newbury in the coming months, I would really encourage you to check out her stall. She is a really nice person to chat too.
  • I have finally gotten closure. Some of you know what this is, some of you don’t. But that’s fine.

    Online friend dating? Not too much different from facebook then!

  • I have joined a veggie ‘dating’ type site. Not for the dating mind you, but it has a thing to connect you with like minded people for pen pals or friends. Sound a little sad I know, but the local v*gans group is currently non active, and I really want to get to know some other vegans! I have only been on there one day, but have already someone has made contact. This was a good idea I think, even though it makes me confront my hatred of photos of my face.
  • I have sold and gotten orders for quite a lot of sewing bits, I also am making leiderhosen for a Beavers Christmas show for the leaders *cringe*. It is very fun, but very time consuming. I am hoping though that (once I get onto some proper research) that I can storm some local craft markets before Christmas.

Anyway, that has got yall up to date. ‘Service’ shall return to normal . . . at some point. . .hopefully now 🙂

Oh and also . . .I will be stealing this puppy . . .


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