The infinite disk

Night time is one of my favorite times of day. And even in terms of beauty, nighttime often gives you brilliant things to witness. The Northern lights, shooting stars, foxes, badgers etc.

I discovered this latest sight from a nighttime walk with one of my good friends. We decided to have a walk up Beacon Hill (one of the highest points around the area and very very steep) this was no mean feat given that my joints were playing up and it was super misty. But we still went into the walk with optimism, night walks are my favorite, and the mist gave a little more adventure to the well trampled route.

By the time we got to the last up and down section of the hill climb (it used to be a hill fort) we literally could not see more than a few metres in front as the mist was eating up the light from our torches. Luckily out sense of direction didn’t fail and we made it to the top most point- the triangulation point. This basically looks like a giant concrete traffic cone.

We turned the lights off, and as our eyes became accustomed to the gloom, the eerie beauty of where we were became much more apparent. From here, the only colours were purple and black. We were standing on a great black disk, which merged into the foggy purple sky above us. No stars, no house lights or street lights. Just us. And the darkness. I loved it. I sincerely wished there was a way to capture the beauty of that moment, but short of eyes, there is no camera in existence that could save this.

As the hound of the baskervilles esque howling started from a house not far from Beacon Hill, we made our way to the 5th Earl of Canarvon‘s grave. He lived and worked in Hampshire all of his life and rather fittingly so, is buried here.  Earl Canarvon has an awesomely long name and was in the group that discovered the mummy of Tutankhamen. The grave is surrounded by high fencing and has a little information plaque next to it. I was going to climb in to have a closer look at the gravestone itself, but was persuaded against it because of the rain and consequential slippery railings.

After that we creeped back down the hill and played the sign game (more on that game in another post I guess) but the image of that infinate disk still plays on my mind.

Hopefully it wont be long before I see it again.

This was honestly the best picture I could get. . . .


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