Dinner time!

This is a recipie post. Kind of.

To be perfectly honest, this ins’t a recipe as much as a documentation of me chucking all the stuff that needs using up in the fridge, in a pan and calling it something. I call the enchiladas, but I make it often when I cannot be bothered to cook properly, and it rarely has many ‘traditional’ ingredients to it.

These kinda look like stuffing when chopped up . . .eww

Today in the fridge we had : an onion, some peppers, some barely ok spring onions, plenty of garlic (one of the best edible plants in my opinion ever =D)  and some falafel that needed using up.

Due to the falafel (which I have never before used in this recipie so fingers crossed) I don’t really need another source of protein, but I usually use kidney beans which are a much more traditional.

Check out the garlic!!!

So I chopped up all the veg and shoved it into a wok (best piece of kitchen equipment ever!). Unfortunately I forgot to step away from the pan and consequently started crying. I tried to get a photo of all of the steam (and in it the offending sulphur which was killing my eyes) but my phone didn’t get it =[



I am going to make my own vegan cheese. . . eventually

But anhow, chuck in the protien and get started with your sauce. The sauce is a spicy tomato one with cheese. So kinda obviously, all you need is a can of tomatoes, spices and some form of cheese. As you can see from the photo, I am the kind of environmentalist *cough* cheapskate *cough* that likes buying in bulk, so I make my own large spice jars, which stack nicely.

Just mix these all up in a jug then pour into your wok. (Try get whole tomatoes in a can- even better use freshly skinned ones- and smush them up, it tastes so much better). Don’t pour the whole amount in, you need a little for on top. Heat everything through, then line a roasting tin and get your wraps.

Divvy the jumble up between wraps, and then pour sauce over the rolled wraps to keep them closed. Crumble more cheese over the top.

good old silicone baking sheet

Luckily this meal doesn’t need specific oven temperature, as the oven in my kitchen can never keep consistent temperature, and I need a separate thermometer to know what heat its at. 150 c is your best bet. All its doing in the oven is warming through, melting cheese and crisping up the wrap.

When this is done, pull them out of the oven and serve with salad (kale is best) and natural yoghurt. (I needed a lot of yoghurt as I keep whole chilies in my chili powder pot, and a few ‘accidently’ fell into the sauce.


go-go granny plate!




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