Puppies and tights do not mix well

I had been avoiding going ‘out out’ as in pubbing/clubbing because I no longer drink alcohol, and the one time I was the designated driver and had a night out, I hated it.

My kinda style!

But lately I manned up and realized that just because I’m not drinking, doesn’t mean I can’t have a good time. The thing that drinking is good at, is killing your inhibitions and allow you to enjoy yourself without getting embarrassed or worrying about things. But I figured, if your out in a pub, most people are drunk and so acting silly and so if you act however you want (aka slightly strange, with some 90’s style dad-dancing) everyone just assumes you are drunk and doesn’t think anything about it. And voila, inhibitions down to the extent that you can have some fun. Besides, most of the sober people are too busy in worrying about themselves and how they look to be concerned about your lame dancing.

Unfortunately the day that I picked to go on (A Saturday night, as most people go out Friday/Saturday night- thus better atmosphere) was a day most of my friends in the area were busy. Fortunately two of my best chums could make it, and as they say, three is a magic number.

To the pub!

It was a great, albeit slightly short night. Originally we planned for 9, but moved it to 8 when we were all ready early. We started off with Weatherspoons as it is the cheapest place about. Here we had a sit down, chat and a drink. We decided it would be a great idea to ask for 12 shots of plain water, then take them to a table (in good view) and down them all very quickly. People would assume that they were vodka shots, and how hench would you look! I have seen the looks on peoples faces when you shot 4/5 shots in a row, imagine how people would react to this!

We toured the cheapest/most frequented bars and also went to Document House, a club that I had never been to before. Possibly because it costs to get in. Only £3 mind you. I will certainly be going there again though. The dancefloor was packed (meaning noone will be watching you dance) and the lighting setup was great! It was one of those lovely places that use strobe lighting, so you can do some lovely light moshing. Also because of the payment, there was a fairly nice selection of people.

Finger over camera= Skills

Nearing the end of the night at about 1 ish, we eloped to the new children’s park in Newbury. Now I know that this is the typical ‘yob teen’ thing to do, but we weren’t drinking in the park and we hadn’t been to see it yet as in the daytime it is filled up with, you guessed it- children. I was very skeptical about this new park at first, as I really liked the old metal park structure. But this new park is great. Obviously we had to wait till night time to climb it so there were no kids about, but I discovered after going down the slide that they are fast to the ‘burning elbows and swearing’ effect.

Overall, it was a very good night. Especially meeting Sean’s new puppies when dropping him off. Only problem with this was that the puppies, like many dogs, like climbing and leaning up against your legs. Not that I have a problem with this, it just meant that my tights were a little shredded by the end. Totally worth the sacrifice of my legwear to get to see the dogs again though. Unfortunately they were counted- no dog smuggling that night.



Ok, maybe this isn't the *exact* Westie I was trying to steal. But he is surfing!!


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