The last day

So here it is: the last night before I go home.

I won’t deny it, I cannot wait to get home! I do love being up here with my family by the sea, but I am certainly a home girl. Plus, I am missing Cape something awful!

This morning was spent packing, then helping my Grandad with his drop offs and picking up dry cleaning. One of the things I love with going on drives with my Grandad, is that he is as curious as me. See a new gate and can’t see what is at the end of the drive? Lets drive down it, see where it goes. See those houses on that high steep hill, lets drive up there to see what the road to them is like! (this last one happened a few years back on a trip to South Africa, and on one of the hills at the side of the bay in Cape Town. As my Grandad is scared of heights, we got stuck at the top and him and my Dad had to change seats in order to get down). Today, we went to see some houses with wickedly steep drives, honestly, you would need hiking boots to get up/down them. Below is a photo of one such house, we got out to have a closer look. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, but as a point of reference, the fawn blocks on the left hand side of the drive are those big paving slabs.

Could they fit a Stanna Stair lift here?

The drop offs of they dry cleaning were all within a 30 minute radius of Largs town centre, and as a result it only took a few hours. One of the most interesting places that we dropped off at, is a block of flats originally built to house Church Ministers. Unfortunately when the block was finished, the take up wasn’t so high and so the company owning the block let in a lot of others. Possibly due to the original purpose for the block, it is designed rather curiously.

From the outside, the block looks just like a more upmarket seaside block of flats. Get inside however, and you start to question whether you had come to the right place. Come in the front door with the usual buzz in system, and you are transported to what is very much like a posh hotel. There is a communal sitting room, a reception desk,

and steps down to an expensive restaurant on the lower floor. Even the corridors smack of the exclusiveness of hotels: the floors are carpeted and have underfloor heating in addition to radiators.  I am told that though it is no longer exclusively for Church Ministers, who gets to live in these flats is still very limited. The tenants own the flat, but can only sell back to the facility owners, giving the owners complete control over who lives there.

This evening, I am ensuring everything is packed, and testing my Grandparents on the use of bbciplayer, and Facebook. Yes, this holiday I have signed my Grandparents up to Facebook. Maybe not such a smart move, as now me and my cousins will have to watch what we do online a little more; but it will allow them to keep up up with their rather large family, which is spread over the UK and Africa.  Last time I was up here I tought them how to use bbciplayer, and how to connect their laptop to the television. However, over time they have forgotten, so I am using the method which I like the best: I wrote them a guide.

This way, even in teaching people how to do things, they feel as independent as possible. You sit with them and go through the guide, then get them to try doing it with no help from you and just using the guide, then test them again at another point. Hopefully having the guide to fall back on will ensure that they don’t loose touch with the new skills.

I shall leave you with a photo of this beautiful evening in Largs, Scotland.


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