A three-way with Stephen Fry and Harry Potter.

Due to unexpected Ipod death, there will be no post today as I am busy mourning the tempory loss of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter, which resides in a hard drive at home. It is in my opinion that the marriage of the enthralling story of Harry Potter and the beautiful voice of Stephen Fry makes for the best listening *ever*. If I could enter into a threesome with a married couple, this would be the one.

Anyway, though it is old and second hand, I bemoan the little death that my ipod just had. On another thought, restoration mode may be like a coma for ipods. When they wake up they can’t remember much. Still, it means that all tonight will be rehabilitation for my ipod with the use of my music folder.

Until tomorrow: here is a photo of Cape hiding under her duvet, which according to the cattery staff at Falkland Vets is what she has been doing pretty much constantly. No, of course I don’t call every day. . . . .

It's blanket time!!


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