Strictly come puddings

I’m not one for being away from home; but if I am to go anywhere, I would prefer it to be Scotland. Rainy and cold it may be, but it is beautiful, it is where I attended University, where fuels and advances my love for yachting and as a bonus, where some of my family live.

Kickin' it back Clockwork Orange style

This week I am staying at my grandparents place, on the West coast of Scotland, just down the road from my uncle. Largs, is gorgeous (yes I did just use that adjective to describe a place). Though the weather is often dull, the sun always seems to pierce through and light the sea up.

A bonus with staying at my grandparents is that it being an older peoples block of flats, all of the apartments are centered around the lift (yay for my joints). But as well as that it gives me more chance to admire my grandparents strength and spirit. There I am yawning at 9 in the morning, and they have already been working at their dry cleaning company for a few hours and will still be their till 6 or 7 in the evening. They do have their days off, like any other adult in a full time job, but time off is spent walking my uncles dog and going ballroom dancing.

You may need to sit down for this, but my grandparents. . . . are in their mid eighties.

I think it does just go to show how carrying on working (amongst many other factors) can keep you sharp. Which I guess which is why, upon moving to Scotland to retire, my grandparents got bored and set up a dry cleaning business.

Luckily for me, my Grandmother can take some time off work to hang out with me, and

Crumble time!

though you may scoff, we are going to the transport museum tomorrow. I have already partaken in a mammoth shop for vegan groceries, as, such with all grandmothers, mine insists on having your plate piled high, and having pudding every day. Do not be surprised if I come back looking like a haggis.

Another thing about being at my grandparents is watching one of their favorite shows: Strictly Come Dancing, and it’s commenting show. I only ever watch this show in the company of my grandparents, but it isn’t half bad. The premise of the show is that well known people (such as politicians, or actors) get paired off with a professional dancer, and they compete performing traditional dances such as Ballroom, Tango or Salsa. At the moment, the show is just in its first few weeks, and so the competition still has some humour in it, as the ‘celebrities’ have not all quite got the hang of the dances yet. Similar to shows such as X-factor, the judges are not worried about offending the competitors and said to one pair: ‘That wasn’t good at all. It reminded me of a Thunderbird’. I think the judges comments, as much as anything else, make these kind of shows.

Anyway. Come dine with me is on.


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