What I do with my time, or reasoning behind the bomb room

I sew. Alot.

I can’t actually remember the last time I spent a day doing no sewing at all, even a day where I was just thinking up a design but not putting it into motion.

I think sewing is a very under appreciated art form, or at the very least: hobby. The reason why may simply be the sheer number and price of chain store fabric clothing out there. With how cheap a lot of clothing is nowadays, people see no need to make it for themselves.

This is where we are wrong! Commercial clothing comes from designers who look to the catwalks for inspiration, whose inspiration comes from people in an office who by my reckoning just pick colour combinations out of the air and decide they are the cool thing for all parts of our lives to be daubed in.

Apparently this constitutes as clothing. . .

Wouldn’t it be better if we all dressed in clothing that reflected just our tastes, and even better, showcased our own work? I know this is not exactly the easiest of plans for most people, who either are too busy or do not wish to learn to sew. My thought is that at least buying hand made is giving you more of a choice. Chances are, the hobbyist didn’t consult the colour Nazi’s before deciding on the fabrics to use, or designing the clothing to only look good on stick thin waifs.

Well, the bat-hat rocks festivals?

Anyways, I would much prefer to be wearing a vegetable print dress and a bat-hat than a leopard print glitter dress and high heels.

Unfortunately, as with most creation, it comes hand in hand with a little destruction. A prime(d) example is that of the sewing room. All those with a weak stomach may want to look away now. . . . .

Yes people, this is a working environment!! Notice the jaunty angle to highlight the disaster-movie style effect =]

Yes, it may be messy, especially in comparison to other people who have blogged about their ‘perfect’ crafting place. But sometimes,  out of a crazy mess comes something much more beautiful. Because I am not worrying about the state of the place, I can actually focus  on what I am doing. Plus, the mess is (usually) quarantined. It may surprise you to know this after seeing that picture, but I hate disorganization. I have my pens and pencils in different pots dependent on make, type and age.  Though it may be hard to see, my fabric is organised roughly in this way as well, all in messily stacked boxes.

So that’s it. A very long ramble over. But the point is; despite what people tell you; be who you are, even if it is slightly hypocritical (see mess above).

Oh, and always promote good grammar.



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