The echos of training wheels

Screaming, shouts of ‘HOLD MY HAND’ and tantrums on the floor. No, I haven’t just refused a toddler seconds of their favorite dessert. I have taken my Mum, Dad and Aunt mountain boarding.

Painting the picture, we are out on a fairly shallow hill, which is both wet and has slightly longer grass leading so slower rides and thus more control over direction (or so I thought).

I give them all a quick run down of the basics, stance, controlling direction, how to fall and such likes. It seems this all went in one ear and out of the other.

'It's all in the knees fo' sho'

The day went great, lots of yelling and leaning the wrong way thus achieving greater speeds at points where they were going to be thrown off.

It all culminated with Mum bailing off at a fast point where I let go of her hands (as she was doing great), lying on her back and kicking her legs in the air shouting that I have killed her.

This brings memories flooding back of my parents teaching me to ride my bike in the very same park, holding on to the back of the bike whilst I peddled, only to fall off when I *realize* they have let go.

Perhaps we are just needing the reassurance and enjoy having a bit of extra attention along the way.

But I can’t help thinking,

Surely this is payback?

Have you had any similar ‘payback’ experiences with your parents? What are your opinions on teaching new things, push in at the deep end, or gradually wading in?


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2 Responses to The echos of training wheels

  1. Leigh says:

    It’s very much harder than it looks…..and hurts your legs quite a bit!

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